Exciting and new, yet derived from a rich history, the Dynamic Images Photo Conference is a reinvention of the traditional photo conference delivering an entirely new experience to the mid-Atlantic arena. Built for today’s photographer, the Dynamic Images Photo Conference provides an eclectic mix of programs to help you advance and develop your photography skills.

Acquiring wisdom and insight from a diverse array of creative minds will help you view photography in a different light and inspire you to push your personal envelope. Observe and work with talented photographers who can open your mind to new ideas, inspire you to expand your talents and present you with new ways to enhance your own creativity.

Casting aside the rigidity of the traditional photo conference, the Dynamic Images Photo Conference provides the key to opening up new possibilities in your photography. Whether you are just beginning or have already attained a high level of proficiency, there are a variety of programs to teach, inspire and make your photos more dynamic.

At the Dynamic Images Photo Conference, you select the content that will best suit your own type of photography, from classes about how to shoot nature, to hands-on themed photo shoots and everything in between. You can even break out of your comfort zone and try your hand at a different type of photography to help enhance your knowledgebase or just to have fun. It’s your choice.

We want learning to be fun and not an all day class where you do little more than fall asleep. Cast aside what you think a photography conference is and think what it could be. Forget boring. Think alive and inspiring, a place to enjoy photography and build friendships with fellow photographers. A place where you don’t have to be anywhere but instead a place you want to be.

Scheduled to be held at a time when many photographers are eager to forget the winter season, the Dynamic Images Photo Conference is held just in time to inspire you before the world around us blossoms into springtime.

While the name and the concept are new, this conference represents the next generation in a long history of successful photo conferences operated by the Berks Photography Society. Twenty eighteen will mark the 59th year that the Society has produced a photo conference, making it one of the oldest – and now also one of the newest, photographic conferences of all time.

Based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the conference is located in the heart of pretzel city – Reading, PA. The comfortable Crowne Plaza hotel has again been chosen for the Dynamic Images Photography Conference with quick and easy access from the highway system and in close proximity to a variety of retail services.

We look forward to seeing you build your future in March  at the Dynamic Images Photo Conference!

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