Your registration to the conference includes entry to the conference image competitions!

Entry fee: none, conference registration required.
Competitions: print and digital
Deadlines: March 16, 2018 for digital entries, noon on March 24, 2018 for prints.

Print Competition

Divisions: Black & White and Color

Entries: Up to 2 images per division.

Subject Matter: Any subject matter is eligible for each print division.

Size: Prints may be any size from 8×10 (min) up to 16×20 (max) inches.

Mounting: Prints must be mounted on a 16×20 mounting board. No frames NO EXCEPTIONS.

The title, the category (black & white or color), your name & address must be on the back of the mount.

Prints must be dropped off at registration prior to noon on Saturday March 25, 2017

DO NOT MAIL your print entries.

Digital Competition


PICTORIAL: This division includes any picture not within the scope of a nature image. A close up study of nature or scenic in which the “hand of man” is not present are considered to be nature images, and are not eligible for entry in the pictorial division.

NATURE: Nature images must conform to PSA’s definition of a nature image (except for zoo or game farm animals as described below)

Eligible subjects include trees, wild flowers, weeds, grasses, fungi, ferns, mosses, animals or birds (except domesticated), reptiles, insects, fossils, weather, land/seascapes (without boats, roads, signs, or other human evidence), geological formations, etc. Banding is acceptable on birds. Ineligible subjects include scenics which show human artifacts (fences, buildings, power lines, etc.) and mounted specimens.

Where wildlife is depicted, the PSA standard shall be modified to allow photographs of zoo or game farm animals, restricted as follows: wildlife is defined as one or more organisms living free and unrestricted in a natural or adopted habitat.

Because the intent of a Nature image is to accurately depict a real subject, the degree of digital or darkroom manipulation should be minimal.

Entries: Up to 2 images per division.


Image files must be submitted in advance and must be received on or before March 17, 2017 either by:

email the images to ((type “Conference Contest” in the subject line )
on send a CD by regular mail to:

Berks Photographic Society
Conference Digital Contest
40 North Noble Street
Reading, PA 19611.

Entries sent on CD by mail must arrive by March 17, 2017, please allow adequate time for mailing.
Email entries may be submitted up until 11:59PM on March 17, 2017.
No submissions will be accepted either by email or regular mail after March 17, 2017.

Image Size: no more than 1024 pixels wide and no more than 768 pixels high.
Words may not be added to a slide or digital image.


Please carefully use the following file naming for each of your entries. The software we use is very particular about the naming and will reject even minor errors.
In the email or on a cover letter with the CD, please include:
Your first and last name
Your email address
Your phone number
Number of images for each division
Title of each image
Please note that emailed images must be attached and not embedded in the email. They must also not be reduced in size.


For the first digital entry submitted by John Smith entitled “The Long Road” in Pictorial, the
file would be named:

Note: The Dynamic Images Photo Conference nor the Berks Photographic Society are not responsible for lost or misrouted mail and/or email.


Please email with your questions.

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