Credits 2017

The Dynamic Images Photo Conference is produced by the Berks Photographic Society ( in Reading, Pennsylvania. This inaugural year of the Dynamic Images Photo Conference marks the 58th conference held by the Berks Photographic Society. It takes a tremendous amount of work for an all volunteer organization to produce a conference like this. The amazing talents of the following people made this event possible.

Conference Committee of the Berks Photographic Society

Jeff Bornstein
Ivan Bub
Bill Coughlin
Neven Dries
Terri Geise
Lori Gehris
Harold Gilmer
Steve Lackmeyer
Phil Magisto
Ken Martin
Dean Patton
Larry Stamm
Joel Styer (chairman)
Tim Youse

High End Imaging Team

Dave Frei
Jason Grear
Tom Hyland
Tim Peterman
Jim Williams

The following have also assisted with planning, organization and logistics

Konstance Folk
Danielle Hepner
Valerie Hoffman
Steve Keller
Gary Marszalek
Lynnette Van Balen

D Frei photo
High End Imaging Meetup

Executive Committee Berks Photographic Society for 2017

President:  Joel Styer
Vice President:  Dean Patton
Treasurer:  Harold Gilmer
Financial Secretary:  Cheryl Tumolo
Recording Secretary:  Steve Keller

Board of Directors for the Berks Photographic Society 2017

Bill Coughlin
Neven Dries
Lori Gehris
Terry High
Steve Lackmeyer 
Phil Magistro
Ken Martin
Tom Stoeri
Tim Youse

Logo design by Lynnette Van Balen

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