Create EPIC Automotive Portraits

presented by Jerry and Lori Keefer

Do you want to create EPIC portraits that include cars, trucks or motorcycles?  Would you like to learn how to incorporate a vehicle in your portrait sessions and have the vehicle help tell the story of your client? 

Join Jerry and Lori as they demonstrate their unique style and explain techniques that have increased their sales.  They will explain how to get great images regardless of the angle of the sun.  You will learn how to use external lighting, where to place it, the importance of that placement, and see samples of final products they’ve created.  Jerry & Lori will teach you how to pose your client or model so the car is more than just a prop, but so it is an integral part of the story being told in your image.  You will then have a chance to create some images yourself with a classic car and models!  Be prepared to walk away with an EPIC image!


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