How to Start a Portrait Business

presented by Lisa and Tom Cuchara

Becoming a photography business is more than just being able to take good photographs: you must also be a good business person and wear many hats, from marketing to accountant to therapist. Tom and Lisa will discuss the logistical aspects of becoming a photography business: paperwork, taxes (income and sales), protecting yourself (LLC), equipment insurance, liability insurance, malpractice insurance, contracts, model releases, copyright, the importance of education and continuing education, dealing with “Uncle Bob”, meeting with clients, website, blog, social media, marketing, pricing, getting the right client (being a good match), joining professional associations (PPA, CTPPA, WPPI, ASMP, etc.), image competitions at the professional level, PPA’s See the difference program, etc. We will also discuss studio location, choosing your specialty/niche and the importance of knowing your equipment, lighting and post-processing. We will also touch upon lighting options (natural light, speedlights, Studio strobes) and equipment choices.

This program is sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video   


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