Waterfall Photography: Why, When, Where, and How

Presented by Rusty Glessner

Waterfalls have captivated human beings since ancient times. In some cultures they are believed to have healing properties, or the ability to wash away one’s burdens. For landscape photographers, they represent a wonderful opportunity to create beautiful images that seemingly defy time and gravity.

Why the fascination with waterfall photography? I’ll talk briefly about my background and how this sub-genre of landscape photography came to dominate my time spent shooting outdoors.

When is the best time to photograph waterfalls? Waterfalls can be photographed in all seasons and in all weather conditions, but there are certain tips and precautions applicable to each. We’ll discuss those.

Where does one find the waterfalls? We’ll talk about the resources (books, maps, internet, etc.) I use to locate my subjects.

How do you create the motion blur effect in the water? How do you keep your camera dry and the lens spot-free? How do you know what gear to buy? How do you process your images in post-production?  I’ll discuss all of these topics and give you my “recipe” for waterfall photography success.

I’ll close with a brief slideshow of some of my favorite waterfall photos, and field questions from the audience. You should walk away from this presentation with a firm grasp on the basics of creating terrific waterfall photos that will enhance your enjoyment of landscape photography and the outdoors in general.

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