Jack Cutler foto

At the age of 13 my mother placed a 4×5 Crown Graphic in my hands and
introduced me to photography. We spent countless hours shooting,
developing, and creating images together. I was hooked!

Many years later, I started making Beauty and Fashion images I knew I’d
found my niche and a style quickly developed. Through the help and good
graces of many people, I was afforded unique opportunities, published
internationally and have had the distinction of photographing the first colour
poster created for and distributed by John Paul Mitchell Systems®.

Leading hair and beauty publications from New York to Tokyo have shared
one common element…my images. I have been granted over 300 national
and international magazine covers. 11,000 full-page beauty fashion layouts
reside in my repertoire. I have authored articles for The Rangefinder, Today’s
Photographer, Lens, The Definition, Fuzion Noir, Beauty Education and Salon

From Lab Owner to Instructor, Writer, Keynote Speaker for companies such
as Indola® and Hasselblad®, I have developed, created, & taught, offering
seminars on everything from Lighting to Public Relations. Throughout my
career, I truly have worked in nearly every aspect of the photographic

I believe I learned from the best and I am still learning from the best…my

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