Jerry & Lori Keefer

Jerry and Lori have been together for over 21 years.  Jerry is former U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard.  Lori is a former “military brat” whose Dad retired from the U.S. Air Force and Stepdad retired from the U.S. Army.  Both travelled the world compliments of the U.S. Air Force and would not trade those experiences for anything! Between the two, they have lived in 3 countries and 8 states (and we have travelled to many, many more!) Why does this matter? Well, regardless of their physical location, they have learned to see the story being told by the buildings, hills & fields, people and culture.  They are the proud parents of 3 girls (ages 28, 15, and 13) and 2 grandchildren.  You will often seen one or more of their children assisting on their photo sessions and all three girls can create amazing photographic art themselves!

Lori and Jerry have been around photography since they can remember.  Most of the artwork decorating their home consists of original pieces created by one or both.  As they have grown together as a couple, so has their passion and pure love of the art of photography. They love to capture moments in time. They love to turn those moments in time into timeless pieces of art that can be passed on to future generations. Photography is their medicine. Photographic art is their passion.

Jerry and Lori are Co-Founders and Co-Owners of Keefer Photography LLC.  Their purpose is to create unique works of art that captures personality and tells a story, while placing family first, developing their craft and educating others.  They specialize in Custom Automotive, High School Seniors and Sports (Team & Individual) Portraits.  Using Jerry’s longtime love of classic cars, and their shared passion of photography, The Keefer’s have developed their unique way of incorporating automotive pieces in their brand that has increased their overall sales.

Both Jerry and Lori are members of the Professional Photographers Association.  They are also both active members of PROFITographer’s. Jerry has had images published in publications and both have had their art on display in galleries.  They regularly participate in both local and national meet up groups dedicated to fostering creativity and developing the photography craft with fellow professional photographers.  Lori also speaks at local networking groups on a variety of photography related topics.  You can see some of Jerry’s images from his recent photo shoot at Porsche North America in their portfolio! (opens in new window or tab)

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