Tom Stoeri

For 40 years I thoroughly enjoyed a career of engineering in the aerospace industry. I learned and applied many aspects of sensing, optics, information capture and transmission to development and operation of space based systems. Following the conclusion of my engineering career, I have been fortunate to be able to spend much more time pleasantly honing my photographic art.

Photography was always an outlet for the artistic side of me. My technical side had a deep understanding of the physics of image making. Photography gave me a means to apply my technical skills to the capture of the wonders of the world around us through image making.

My photography skills are self taught. I started with a film camera after graduation from the University of Michigan. In my own makeshift darkroom (before family!). I learned film development and printmaking. Then after our family was out and on their own, I began using the first digital cameras and learning the art of digital image making. I have honed my photographic skills through critiques at local clubs and critiques via internet galleries.

I love to discover the beauty and structure in the world around us. Images enable us to contemplate what is around us at a moment in time. We just need to allow ourselves to slow down and explore.

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