Valerie Hoffman


Valerie has been passionate about photography for more than 40 years. A degree in professional photography has given her a deep understanding of all aspects of the field. Having worked in the photographic retail environment for over 25 years has given her a well-rounded understanding of a wide variety of photo related gear. She has been a certified photographic consultant since the 1980s. Since leaving the retail environment several years ago, Valerie began her own photography education business, sharing her knowledge and passion for photography with hundreds of students. Based out of southeast Pennsylvania, Valerie leads workshops to a wide variety of awesome places, giving hands-on instruction that will help every student take their photography knowledge to a higher level. She also teaches group classes and private or small group lessons, and has given a variety of  presentations to camera clubs and private groups.

Valerie is an avid landscape and wildlife photographer, but also loves focusing on the unique details of macro photography.

In her own words: “I feel truly blessed to have witnessed so much incredible beauty, and to be able to capture and explore the wonders and glory of God’s creation photographically. Whatever I do, I strive to do it with excellence, hoping my life and my images will bring glory to God, the Creator of all the wonders we see.”

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